4 Ways to Use Moringa Powder

Moringa Powder is a superfood powder that is packed with all essential vitamins and minerals. Adding moringa powder to ones diet can make it easy for them to meet their daily nutritional requirement for their age group. It’s a great way to get loads of vitamins and minerals without having to eat a large amount of fruits and veggies which can be costly and difficult to maintain.

Here are 4 ways to use and benefit from Moringa Powder

1. Smoothies

One way to use moringa powder is to add it to your smoothies. Adding moringa powder boosts the nutritional value of your food. Gram for gram moringa has more potassium than Bananas, more vitamin C than Oranges, more calcium than Milk, plant-based protein, more iron than spinach. Adding a half a teaspoon (1 gram) of Moringa Powder to your smoothie is an easy way to take Moringa powder. A little bit goes a long way so with half a teaspoon one can benefit from the Moringa but also not lose the taste of their smoothie mix.

2. Tea

Moringa powder can be steeped into a healthy herbal tea. Moringa powder has a very potent, sharp taste. One way to reduce the sharpness of the taste is to make it into a tea. Adding ginger balances out the potent taste and makes the moringa tea more enjoyable. Luckily there are Moringa tea blends made ready to use so people do not have to worry about spending the time to grate ginger to make their own moringa tea blend. Leaves of Magic provides Moringa Hibiscus, Moringa Lemongrass, Moringa and Moringa Peppermint teas in both tea bag form and loose leaf form. Visit https://leavesofmagic.com/shop to view their teas.

3. Hair Mask

Moringa can be used topically. In fact Moringa oil is gaining popularity for it’s ability to improve hair and skin health. Moringa Powder can be used to create a hair mask that leads to increased hair growth and stronger hair. Moringa contains proteins and the vitamins that hair needs for health. Premature graying is sometimes a sign of a lack of nutrients in the hair. Moringa hair masks give the hair all the TLC it needs to become rejuvenated and grow faster.

Baked goods

As more people shift from using refined flours and white sugar to whole wheat and brown sugars it is not a bad idea to add Moringa Powder to ones baked goods to make it more nutritious. What is amazing about Moringa Powder is that a little goes a long way. Adding a few grams of Moringa Powder to dough will not dramatically change the taste of the food. It is fun and creative to experiment with adding moringa powder to your baked goods. Moringa Powder goes well with chocolate. Why not try baking double chocolate chip cookies and adding moringa powder to the batter. The cookies would only end up being healthier!

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